Exchange Programs

Bring Young, Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Austin, Texas –– One of the Most Innovative Cities in America –– and Watch them Transform
What Happens During a 3DS Exchange Program?
Universities and governments use 3 Day Startup to deliver transformational entrepreneurship education to students across the world through our entrepreneurship exchange programs. Groups of students and educators to travel to Austin for 1 – 2 weeks of hands-on training, networking opportunities, and company visits. These exchanges include:

Virtual Bootcamp (1 month prior)

Participating students meet, get introduced to key entrepreneurship principles, and learn best practices for maximizing the exchange program. The bootcamp will prepare you for your trip to the United States and the entrepreneurial journey you will embark on once you reach Austin.

Startup Ecosystem Tour

Gain exposure to one of the most innovative cities in America and learn how to transform your communities back home. Visit companies like Facebook, Google, HomeAway, and Rackspace; see coworking spaces like Capital Factory, Geekdom, and Impact Hub; and meet social, business, and corporate entrepreneurs throughout Texas. We’ll teach you how to navigate any startup ecosystem.

3DS Entrepreneurship Program

Spend 72 hours with other international exchange participants at Capital Factory, the epicenter of entrepreneurship in Austin, Texas, to create early stage venture projects. At the end of the camp, you’ll pitch your ideas to 3DS alumni from our global network and an esteemed group of panelists

Cultural Activities

Join us for great BBQ, two-stepping, food trucks, summer fun in Barton Springs, Texas history, and more. Alongside building your entrepreneurial capabilities, you’ll enjoy traditional Texan pastimes and excursions. Get ready for some fun in the sun.

Global Roundup Conference

Meet the world’s great doers, thinkers, and makers from universities around the world at a 3-day conference, the annual Global Roundup. Continue building your entrepreneurial capabilities through various workshops and panels and maybe build some early partnerships in between.

Post-Exchange Mentorship

After the exchange, stay connected with the entrepreneurs you met through one of three mentorship tracks: Entrepreneurs, Corporate Innovators, and Ecosystem Supporters. You’ll be successful and accomplish your goals in no time.
See an Exchange in Action:

Our flagship Exchange Program, the Austria to Austin Student Startup exchange, is run in partnership with the US Embassy Vienna and brings emerging Austrian leaders and entrepreneurs to Austin, TX. The Austria to Austin exchange features curated site visits and entrepreneurial programing geared towards developing entrepreneurial mindsets and exposing Austrian entrepreneurs to a network of American mentors and experts to help them on their journey. This year, Austria to Austin consists of the ATA Roadshow and the ATA Foundations Exchange. The ATA Roadshow will bring 3DS team members to Austria to connect with ATA alumni, deliver entrepreneurship programming, and meet with partners to develop sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystems. The Foundations Program is designed for early-stage and intermediate entrepreneurs, and has been delayed this year due to COVID-19. See our participants set for this year’s program here!

What Participants are Saying:
Thank you so much for organizing those amazing two weeks full of so many insights in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Austin. I think we really can learn so much from that. And I got many new, valuable contacts. I think it will influence my future a lot.

Austria to Austin Participant

I’ve been part of the startup world for a while now and I’ve participated in many different activities. This is why I can say 3DS is one of the experiences that has helped me the most. Not just to develop the idea, but to find out if I’m solving a real world problem and validate my idea was scalable through the frontiers

Alan Fridman
Grad Student, Tecnológico de Monterrey

By working and meeting many people, my mindset really changed and I got a lot of motivation out of these two weeks. Now I know what can be achieved and I know what skills I need to work on. These two weeks were probably some of the best in my whole life.

Austria to Austin Participant

Past Program Partners:

Ready to Get Started?

3 Day Startup’s international exchange offerings allow individuals to travel to Austin, TX to participate in our flagship program or our annual Global Roundup Conference. Unfortunately, 3 Day Startup will not be able to provide financial assistance, so students are encouraged to explore local grant opportunities to reimburse or partially reimburse the expenses incurred by traveling and participating in a 3DS exchange program. Get in touch today to learn more!