Faculty-Led Programs

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How you Can Support your University’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with 3DS:

  • Improve university or departmental company creation and learning outcomes through a proven, scalable, and turnkey model
  • Generate credible teams for venture challenges, business plan competitions, and university incubator/accelerators
  • Bolster the impact and presence of an existing entrepreneurship initiative, club, or group
  • Introduce entrepreneurship in disciplines traditionally lacking in entrepreneurship teaching (theater, pre-med, public policy, and more)
  • Implement inside the curriculum as a course kickoff, mid-semester energy boost, or capstone/final course project where students apply the learning of the semester in an extreme hands-on fashion

“In bringing 3DS to top universities in Israel and China, I’ve observed an incredible hunger among my students for the type of experiential learning about entrepreneurship that 3DS entails. The time-tested 3DS experience encourages participants to emerge as stakeholders in their nascent startups, while leveraging diverse mentors and expert investors assembled in support.  Many of my students have described 3DS as life-altering — the weekend that jump-started a new professional and personal trajectory.”

Daniel Freedman

Electrical Engineering faculty, Technion University/Peking University

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3DS provides turnkey, iteratively-proven models for experiential entrepreneurship education. We exist to make entrepreneurship ubiquitous at the university level and thanks to an amazing global community of students, professors and administrators, this vision is becoming a reality. To learn more about our core 3DS program, get in touch today!