3 Day Startup at High Schools

Bring Hands-On Entrepreneurship Education to your Classroom and Help Foster the Next Generation of Innovators
What can a 3 Day Startup program do for you?

Most high school students are unaware that a career in entrepreneurship and startups is a viable option for their future. 3 Day Startup wants to change that. Our high school programs combine the energy and enthusiasm of our university programs with a curriculum adapted for this age group. Programs at the high school level place an extreme focus on professional development and skills for students to navigate their careers and future.

What participants get out of the program:
Exposure to the entrepreneurial mindset and best practices.
Guided mentorship opportunities to set them on the right track.
Connections to the 3DS Global Alumni Network for support.

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What participants are saying:
This program perfectly laid out exactly what steps I needed to take in order to get my business started correctly. 3 Day Startup guided me in the direction of success when I was stuck in a storm of confusion and frustration that could’ve been endless.

Thomas Kockritz

It was an amazing platform to share creativity and garner new knowledge in actually starting a business and pitching your product. 3DS was a very unique experience, perfect for far reaching high school students and professionals alike!

Winnie Xu

Ready to Get Started?

3DS provides turnkey, iteratively-proven models for experiential entrepreneurship education. Our vision is to make entrepreneurship ubiquitous in all learning institutions and thanks to an amazing global community of students, teachers, and administrators, this vision is becoming a reality. To learn more about our core or virtual 3DS program, get in touch today!