3DS: Student-Led Programs

Kickstart your School's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with a 3 Day Startup Program

What do you get out of a 3 Day Startup Program?

A platform to take your startup from concept to MVP

Networking opportunities with co-founders and local mentors

Access to the 3DS Global Community of entrepreneurs

How it works:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oWqt-fM5qw?autoplay=1&w=450&h=280]

What Students are Saying:


I moved from the stage of only starting a firm to identifying and understanding critical factors necessary for the long-term sustainability of my business. What i got is immense; i got training, new perspectives, product confidence and more passion for my start-up business.

Lawrence Ansah-Addo
Student, University of Ghana


3 Day Startup really opened my eyes to a new perspective in my life. I came into college to pursue a career in a corporation and dreamed of getting promoted. 3 Day Startup showed me that there was more to life. It showed me that I can pursue my own future where I would be in charge of my own life.

Eric Park
Student, University of Texas Austin


3DS inspired me on many levels. It has opened my mind to understand how to go about starting up a business and I learnt essential skills such as how to analyse my business idea, how to pitch effectively, how to work in a team and how to go about the  market research. 

Ellie Walker
Student, University of Edinburgh

Ready to Get Started?

3DS provides turnkey, iteratively-proven models for experiential entrepreneurship education. Our vision is to make entrepreneurship ubiquitous at the university level and thanks to an amazing global community of students, professors and administrators, this vision is becoming a reality.To learn more about our core 3DS program, get in touch today!