3 Day Startup Sápmi - 3-Day Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Arctic Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative is presented by 3 Day Startup and the NSR Youth Council, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Oslo. This program takes place in English virtually December 10-12, 2021.

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3 Day Startup Sápmi

3 Day Startup is pleased to present the Arctic Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Oslo and the NSR Youth Council. This initiative is designed to help young, aspiring Norwegian entrepreneurs gain the skills, knowledge, and network to tackle a real-world challenge through starting a venture. 

This program takes place virtually via Zoom from December 10-12, 2021

Program Details

This 72-hour, 100% virtual program teaches entrepreneurial skills to 40 young and aspiring Sámi entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in a hands-on environment. 

With an engaging curriculum combined with immersive learning, the aspiring entrepreneurs will learn the essential building blocks of creating a successful business venture and how to craft unique business models to solve real-world issues, while learning about the American styles of entrepreneurship. 

  • Learn strategies and methodologies employed by successful startups
  • Develop tactics to effectively assess business opportunities.  

Weekend Overview

Day 1: Participants log on at 16h30 on Friday, December 10th. Teams form and facilitator leads the group through opportunity recognition, ideation methods, design thinking, and developing early concepts.

Day 2: Participants focus on business model formation. Teams conduct customer discovery, testing hypotheses, apply lean methodology, and receive feedback from mentors and peers.

Day 3: An intensive pitch workshop prepares teams to delivery strong pitches/demos before a panel of entrepreneurship and business experts.

Photo(s) Credit: Marie Luoise Somby

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Sámi youth ages 18-28 who are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, and innovation. University enrollment is not required. This program is 100% free to participants. 

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Local Partners

Our Sámi Partners help recruit participants for the Initiative and help develop the real-world problem sets that our innovators work on. 

Contact the Organizers

For questions about the 3DS Program, please email Sophia Javaheri at sophia@3daystartup.org

For questions about the NSR-U, please email nsr-u@nsr.no

About 3 Day Startup

3 Day Startup (“3DS”) is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas that teaches emerging leaders to leverage entrepreneurial thinking and experience inclusive innovation. Based on each country and community’s needs and opportunities, 3DS tailors their recruitment and training curriculum to ensure equitable learning opportunities for emerging leaders. Over the past 12 years, 3DS programs have developed entrepreneurial capabilities in more than 16,000 young leaders worldwide, resulting in hundreds of companies, $217 million raised by program alumni, and alumni accepted into top-tier global startup accelerator programs like Y-Combinator and Techstars. Our programs and partnerships support student leaders and new majority entrepreneurs in creating value and driving impact in their local ecosystems through new business development, job creation, civic engagement, and social innovation.