3DS Springboard is an interactive 9-hour learning-by-doing workshop focused on the beginning steps of launching a company, movement or project.

Program Goal:

Through a high-energy, short-format, extreme hands-on entrepreneurship program, participants will embark upon a transformative learning experience and leave with a roadmap of how to use the 3DS startup principles in all areas of their life. The combination of the 3DS Springboard learning-by-doing model and talented participants will lead to new student startups and bolster the next generation of entrepreneurs in their ecosystem.

Program In-depth:

3DS Springboard represents our program offering customized to a more entry-level audience, across a compressed time frame, with the possibility for applying these skills in capacities beyond new company creation. Participants in 3DS Springboard can use the program as a vehicle to advance innovation initiatives, social movements, new projects inside existing organizations, and themselves.

Program Schedule:

A 3DS facilitator, aided by student leaders from the host university, will guide the conference audience through a series of modules to introduce and amplify key entrepreneurship mindsets and skills. 3DS Springboard will progress the student audience through four modules.

Module 1: The process of fostering product/startup idea nuggets into their broader markets and delivery methods, then filtering the most viable ideas.

Module 2: The process of validating product ideas through learning from potential customers. Emphasizes building only products associated with customer willingness to pay.

Module 3: Focused largely on software, this module covers a process and tips for identifying and quickly building the compelling functionality of a customer-testable product

Module 4: Students will learn how to architect and design attractive investor ready pitches.

Lecture-based Module: “How to Hack Your College Experience”




A program of this size and type delivers four hands-on modules. The schedule above includes the following 3DS Springboard modules: Ideation/Lean Canvas, Customer Discovery/Cross-Pollination, Rapid Prototyping, and Pitch Creation. Moreover, it delivers one of the following two lecture-based modules called “How to Hack Your College Experience” or “Social Innovation for Emerging Entrepreneurs”

Project Launch:

When the modules are completed, the program concludes with a launch, “big reveal”, or awards ceremony to celebrate the emerging entrepreneurs and their projects. The approach to this portion of the program can vary depending on desired outcomes (i.e. it can include a social media voting component, live pitch session, or ceremony for recognizing outstanding team members).

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Participant Takeaways Beyond the Conference Weekend:

Participants will be welcomed into the 3DS Global Community and will receive the following resources after the 3DS Springboard Program:

• Roadmap of how to use the core 3DS Springboard principles after the conference

• Invitation to join the 3DS global network of student entrepreneurs

• Curated resource page of software tools (i.e. Balsamiq, Codecademy, Trello)

• Preferred status for leading or participating in a 3 Day Startup program when their college career begins

About 3 Day Startup:

3 Day Startup was founded in 2008 at the University of Texas by a group of students who saw unexpressed potential for startups in the university setting. The University–full of smart people, physically close together, at a creatively fertile and high-risk tolerance stage of life–should have companies spilling out of it. The 3DS founders ran the first 3DS program to express this potential, give students the necessary entrepreneurship skills, and shift attitudes for those who still believed one needs a rich uncle and a degree from a prestigious school to start a company. By 2010, the student organization incorporated as a nonprofit and began expanding to universities across the globe. Thus far, over 6270+ 3DS student alumni from 132 programs across 5 continents–including programs at Harvard, MIT, Technion (Israel) and Peking University (China)–have launched more than 79 companies that have collectively raised $49 million in investor capital. Several 3DS alumni have been accepted to the best accelerator programs in the world including Y Combinator, Techstars, and Dreamit Ventures.