Opportunity Fellows

3DS programs build pathways to include more young people in entrepreneurship and innovation – specifically those impacted by economic inequality, first generation degree seekers, and those pursuing careers through workforce training and credentialing.

Investing in Young Leaders

Entrepreneurial skills and mindset are necessary to launch a small business and also critical skills to be employable, successful, and competitive for the future of work and a global economy.

3DS Opportunity Fellows

Entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial spaces have historically excluded many groups and voices.  To build inclusive ecosystems and circular economies, we need a diverse set of young leaders at the table. Fellows bring voice and perspective to our work, and through experiential learning, are prepared to be a driving force for impact for their communities.

Fellows study the foundations of entrepreneurial practice and discuss current issues in circular entrepreneurship. They leverage their lived-experience, acquired knowledge, and leadership skills to advocate for spaces, practices, and policy that will substantially improve access to entrepreneurship education, careers, and entrepreneurial activity.

Fellowship Overview

LEARN: Fellows develop 3DS entrepreneurial competencies and apply methodologies for circular and inclusive entrepreneurship
CREATE: Fellows leverage their voices and perspectives to raise awareness for inclusive entrepreneurship and actively co-create our community
LEAD: Fellows are matched to entrepreneurial experiences, apprenticeships, and mentors.  Annually, students showcase their work to education leaders, sector experts, and government officials working towards inclusive entrepreneurship.

Systemic Solutions

Many young people have limited access to entrepreneurship education, training, and mentoring to provide support for their career and venture development.  Research has shown that post-secondary students who are exposed to training and entrepreneurial mentors have an increased likelihood of experiencing career success, becoming entrepreneurs, and running successful businesses.
Most programs in this space seek to support students in navigating and persisting through broken, “winner take all” systems and pathways; The Opportunity Fellowship is about building a new system that enables more young people to pursue entrepreneurship, thrive in careers, and to create the future.

Fellowship Criteria

3DS Opportunity Fellows are a vibrant and diverse team of young leaders with unique skills, experiences, successes, and entrepreneurial aspirations. 
  1. Age 18 to 24, enrolled in post-secondary education, industry training programs, or working.
  2. Availability to attend a 4-day orientation 
  3. Have 4-6 hours each week, primarily in the evenings, to engage in meetings, reading, design, and community events
  4. A leader in school, work, life, and/or extracurricular activities
  5. Belief that all people should have inclusive entrepreneurial opportunities; interested in building towards circular economies. 

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