3DS Summer Startup Camp


Taking the next step at 3DS Summer Startup Camp

Thousands of students at MIT, Harvard, and 45 other schools learn pitching, prototyping, and customer discovery at 3 Day Startup programs across the world. Entering the market and gaining first customers represents a daunting challenge, even to seasoned, successful entrepreneurs.

3DS Summer Startup Camp is an intermediate startup program for select 3DS program alumni to set up shop in Austin, Texas for a one week intensive to get founders to the next level.

Program Date: Monday. June 16th -Friday, June 20th

Sample Modules

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Students at our original 3 Day Startup program learn essential entrepreneurship skills while gaining insight into validating markets, building prototypes, and delivering a polished pitch. 3DS Summer Startup Camp is designed to support entrepreneurs as they take steps such as:

  1. Identifying and landing paying customers
  2. Raising investment capital
  3. Submitting a competitive application to a prestigious accelerator program


World Class Mentors

The 3DS team. along with a stellar mentor cast including a TechStars managing director, a founding member  of the Words-With-Friends team, as well as billion dollar company founders, will guide these participants through the phases of an early stage company.


One Week Cofounder

The University of Texas is the flagship 3DS program with a large base of startup talent comprising business and technology resources.  In addition to mentors, 3 Day Startup will match participants with a one week co-founder from amongst our Austin alumni to help with everything from coding to marketing and shipping.

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Austin, TX Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


The downtown 3DS site at Capital Factory gives participants a perch in the center of US tech startup culture. Austin represents a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem and a model for burgeoning startup ecosystems across the world. This program will provide an interactive, in-depth look of the multifaceted aspects of the Austin ecosystem. The 3DS team will usher participants through the notable spaces and stories behind this scene, and in so doing provide insights and takeaways to bolster your own entrepreneurship ecosystem. The program will include tours of Google’s Austin offices and a visit to the in-progress  TechStars accelerator program.

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