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Please welcome our new Entrepreneur in Residence, Christopher Allen, Professional Engineer and Founder of Grantwiser, an AI-powered solution that helps companies developing innovative technology access non-dilutive capital. Christopher has contributed new mindsets and processes to Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. He enjoys disruptive innovation, business development, and racing cars.

How do you connect with the 3DS mission?

Deep down I’m an innovator who thrives on solving problems. The 3DS mission touches on the core elements of my life’s work to drive systemic equality for marginalized and discounted populations. Community, education, and access to opportunities are at the heart of upward mobility and have been the foundation of my personal and professional success. As I reflect on my career as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, bringing new products and technologies to market in a variety of settings from Fortune 500s to Startups, I am constantly reminded of the support and education I have received over the years. I am so thrilled to be able to pay it forward and support the 3DS mission to create opportunity and build community through entrepreneurship education that is dynamic and inclusive


What is your personal mission?

Personally, I am on a mission to serve as a catalyst for disrupting broken societal systems and creating pathways to a world that is more equitable and just for all. Ultimately, I seek to create communities and ecosystems where everyone is provided the tools and opportunities to thrive and can do so regardless of their socio-economic or ethnic background. In my day-to-day role as the founder and CEO of Grantwiser, I am focused on improving capital deployment efficiency for technologies that advance our society. Grantwiser, helps organizations, innovators, and entrepreneurs access non-dilutive capital to turn their vision into reality.


Any advice for entrepreneurs that want to make positive change in the world?

Reflecting on my journey, two things continually resonate:

  1. Know thyself!
  2. Remember who you are serving and why!

The entrepreneurship journey is extremely rewarding but can be challenging, requiring self-knowledge and discipline to be successful. Great entrepreneurs know what they are great at and how to pull in the support where they are not. I have found that the further you go on this journey called life, the more competing priorities you will have to balance. Having a clear “North Star” to anchor what you are working on, for whom, and why is a crucial element of providing the fuel to keep going when things get tough as they inevitably will at some point.

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