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3 Day Startup Cyber Security When: May 23rd at 4pm until May 25th at 10pm Where: Geekdom 3 Day Startup is onl y open to accepted participants and a small number of selected mentors.

The final pitches are open to the public. Attend the 3 D ay Startup Final Pitches (Open to Public) When: May 25th, 7pm Where: Geekdom, 112 E Pecan St, 11th floor Please RSVP Interviews.

We will contact you to schedule an interview. 3DS Boot Camp / Happy Hour Where: Geekdom, 112 E Pecan St, 11th floor When: Wednesday, May 21st, 5pm

This boot camp is only open to accepted participants.

Friday (5/23) Saturday (5/24) Sunday (5/25)
5 PM (Geekdom) •Opening session 6 PM •Pitch ideas •Q&A 7:00 PM •Dinner 8:00 PM •Idea voting •Team formation •Mentor sessions 9 PM •Idea refinement 9 AM (Geekdom) •Breakfast 10 AM •Customer validation presentation •Outreach planning 12 PM •Lunch 12:30 PM •Mentor sessions 1 PM •Customer validation •Prototyping 5 PM •Intermediate pitch refinement 6 PM •Dinner 7 PM •Intermediate pitch 9 AM (Geekdom) •Breakfast 10 AM •Pitch preparation and flow workshop 11 AM •Prototyping •Pitch refinement 12 PM •Lunch 12:30 PM •Mentor sessions •Final pitch refinement 5 PM •Final pitches/demos 6 PM •Dinner •Networking