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Elevate your entrepreneurial ecosystem and bring the world's best entrepreneurship education program to your school

3 Day Startup delivers intensive, hands-on entrepreneurship education programs to students at colleges and university campuses across the globe.

We have been developing our curriculum across 12 years, at over 500 programs, in over 200 schools. And over that time, our network of student entrepreneurs and mentors has grown to over 16,000.

Using the data collected from each of these programs, we have created a structure that activates the entrepreneurial potential of college and university students and helps them go from early-stage idea to viable venture over three days.

Bringing a 3 Day Startup program to your school is not just committing to a 3-day bootcamp. 3DS is a tested, proven model geared towards growing and developing your entrepreneurial ecosystem for students of all disciplines and backgrounds.

What happens during a 3 Day Startup Program?
For three days, a 3 Day Startup trained facilitator will come to your campus and guide approximately 40 cross-disciplinary students through modules that will take them from ideation and team formation to pitching developed ventures on the third day.

Our model drives collaboration, creativity, and transformative change over the course of the weekend. By the end, students will have the skills they need to form teams, effectively conduct customer discovery, and develop viable, scalable ventures.

Watch our video for an idea of what a 3 Day Startup program could look like at your university.

What Students and Faculty are Saying:
Eric Park
Student, UT Austin

3 Day Startup really opened my eyes to a new perspective in my life. I came into college to pursue a career in a corporation and dreamed of getting promoted. 3 Day Startup showed me that there was more to life. It showed me that I can pursue my own future where I would be in charge of my own life.

Daniel Freedman
Electrical Engineering faculty, Technion University/Peking University

In bringing 3DS to top universities in Israel and China, I’ve observed an incredible hunger among my students for the type of experiential learning about entrepreneurship that 3DS entails. Many of my students have described 3DS as life-altering — the weekend that jump-started a new professional and personal trajectory.

Ellie Walker
Student, University of Edinburgh

3DS inspired me on many levels. It has opened my mind to understand how to go about starting up a business and I learnt essential skills such as how to analyse my business idea, how to pitch effectively, how to work in a team and how to go about the market research.

Ready To Get Started?

Bring 3 Day Startup to your school today and give your students the opportunity to experience the world’s leading immersive, entrepreneurship education program and join a global network of students, entrepreneurs, and mentors. To learn more about bringing an in-person or virtual 3DS program for your campus, reach out to us today!

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