Accelerating Underestimated Founders

We understand the complexities of executing on ideas and the specific challenges faced by underrepresented groups in business.

Our global network supports  entrepreneurs  by providing access to world class education, mentoring, community, customers, and capital.

Venture growth & Career development

Designed by and for women founders

Networking opportunities

Apply to our next cohort and accelerate your venture

The gender gap in entrepreneurship has led to reduced access to role models, professional networks and funding for women and founders of other underrepresented genders.


3 Day Startup provides direct access to training, resources, and connections within U.S.  markets.

Curriculum & Resources

Founders complete a 6 week  series focused on marketing, branding & sales, building inclusive teams, KPIs, and raising capital.


Cohort learning and mentorship experiences build supportive communities of practice to uplift each founder and ensure long term success.

Mentor Matching

Founders are matched with women mentors who are well positioned to support venture growth and build each entrepreneur’s social capital.