3 Day Startup Work-Along Web Series: Essentials of Crowdfunding

About this Class

Entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and other social leaders are more connected to their audience and networks than ever before. Modern social networking makes reaching out simple and virtually free, while the costs of production and distribution have decreased. Meanwhile, the old-guard institutions such as record labels and newspapers are suffering.

Now a new movement has hit critical mass, impacting both business and creativity.

Crowdfunding is the foundation of this new creative economy. So what is crowdfunding? In a nutshell, it is leveraging networks for funds, awareness, and feedback. Crowdfunding is based on the belief that the power of many small contributions in aggregate can become significant. Successful crowdfunding campaigns combine the emotional power of traditional patronage with the massive reach of digital communication.

Come learn about how crowdfunding works and what you need to successfully crowdfund your next project.

Monday, September 16
2:00-3:00 PM ET

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What You’ll Learn

1. How entrepreneurs and artists crowdfund their endeavors.
2. Case-studies and examples of success.
3. Strategies, tips, and tricks for increasing the probability of funding your next project.

About the Instructor


Vlad Vukicevic
Founder and CTO

Vlad is an entrepreneur and established thought leader in the world of social media and innovation. He has taught Fortune 500 companies how to apply innovative technologies, writes about culture and management theory, and believes that crowdfunding is the new path to creative, entrepreneurial, and academic empowerment. Vlad is the CTO of RocketHub, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world. RocketHub has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, NBC, Economist, ABC, and many other news outlets. RocketHub works with global brands such as A&E to provide superior value and to empower the future of crowdfunding.