3 Day Startup Work-Along: Finding and Maintaining a Mentor

About This Class
3 Day Startup connects mentors to students on a daily basis through our hands-on entrepreneurship programs at universities. Based on questions we get from students who want to find and maintain relationships with stellar mentors, we’ve put together this actionable talk to walk you through the process of finding a mentor that fits your startup needs. Join us for a free live stream:
Wednesday, February 5th 1:00-2:00 PM CT Register Now

What You’ll Learn

  1. Where to find mentors
  2. How to match your startup to a compatible mentor
  3. How to maintain a mentor relationship

About the Instructor

maia Maia Donohue Program Manager 3 Day Startup Maia has many years of experience in the startup community in both Madison, WI and Austin. Maia received his master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, where he launched a non-profit and later raised funding for his own startup. He has many years experience on both sides of mentorship, and has learned from experience what works and what doesn’t.