3 Day Startup Work-Along Web Series: Raising Startup Capital

About this Class
Are you thinking about raising capital for your startup? Learn about the different stages of funding and what options are best for you. Evan Loomis, TechStars mentor and Director of Corporate Strategy and Sales at Corinthian Health Services, will provide fundraising advice and insight into how you can be investor ready in this work-along.
Thursday, March 20 2:00-3:00 PM CT View Now

What You’ll Learn

– How to create a good investor pitch deck – Whether or not you should raise money – Pitching to investors – How to close a round of funding

About the Instructor

vlad Evan Loomis Director of Corporate Strategy and Sales at Corinthian Health Services Mentor at TechStars Evan loves helping startups launch and raise capital. He started his career on Wall Street as an investment banker and then as the COO of the angel investment group Wedgwood Circle. In 2010, Evan cofounded TreeHouse, a sustainable home improvement store in Austin, TX. He is currently serves as the Director of Corporate Strategy at Corinthian Health Services, and managing partner at Quiver Capital Group. After graduating from Texas A&M University, Evan worked with former President H.W. Bush in Houston, Texas. He has been selected to be a representative to the Council on Foreign Relations, and is on the board of The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture. Evan lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Brandi and their son Ward. His upcoming book, Backed, helps entrepreneurs tell their story, raise money, and launch the venture of their dreams.