The Beatles, Chicago Bulls, and the Secret to Small Teams

3 Day Startup Work-Along Web Series: The Beatles, Chicago Bulls, and the Secret to Small Teams

About this Class

All great  teams tend to follow similar principles. Learn about how these principles have been employed by Steve Jobs for technology, Phil Jackson for sports, and the Beatles for music. Sartaj Chowdhury, instructor at MakerSquare and previous 3DS Austin Lead Organizer, will provide his insights into how all small teams, when following the same principles, achieve excellence.

Friday, May 2
2:00-3:00 PM CT

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What You’ll Learn

– A set of principles that all great teams follow, whether a military team, basketball team, or band.
– Advice to help members of a team agree upon a common goal
– A way to maximize each other’s strengths, while reducing weaknesses

About the Instructor


Sartaj Chowdhury
Founder of Unleash the Artist LLC
Instructor at MakerSquare
3DS Austin Lead Organizer

Sartaj built his first million hit web app at the age of 16. Since then, he has built products ranging from MIDI instruments to web app interfaces. He has accumulated over 8 years in experience as a JavaScript architect, and also led the organization of 3 Day Startup Austin in Spring 2014. In his free time he enjoys composing music and designing for anything he is passionate about.