Student & Youth Entrepreneurship

3DS delivers entrepreneurship education and training to students of diverse educational backgrounds to inspire the pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors and careers. In each program, 3DS places focus on getting students started - entrepreneurship education for career exploration and skill development, early stage concepts, solopreneurship, and small business startup.

3DS supports schools and institutions in meeting requirements of the Perkins V Act.

Perkins V assists in expanding CTE programs in secondary education (grades 6-12), community colleges, and technical schools and offers support at the local level and in communities.  The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) amended the Carl  D. Perkins Career and Technical Education (Perkins IV) Act of 2006 and reauthorized Perkins for six years.  The law took effect on July 1, 2019. 

Entrepreneurial Foundations

Entrepreneurial Foundations introduces principles of entrepreneurship and innovation (design thinking, lean methodology, and agile mindset) through experiential learning & reflection.  Students work to identify opportunities for new ventures,  understand customer needs, design solutions, and pitch viable business concepts that demonstrate strong problem-solution fit and the potential for both impact and profit.
Audience: Learners age 16-30
10 modules
Synchronous: 12-15 hours; customizable
Asynchronous: 20-30 hours; customizable

Entrepreneurial Momentum

Entrepreneurial Momentum builds on the content of Entrepreneurial Foundations to support students move a business concept from problem-solution fit to product-market fit and profitable commercialization.
Audience: Learners age 16-30
10 modules
Synchronous: 10-12 hours; customizable
Asynchronous: recommended 20-30 hours; customizable

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a holistic and equity-focused approach toward developing social impact leaders.  This training supports emerging leaders to adopt a critical and equity-based lens and apply it to the design of social ventures. Students examine the ways that personal identity and socialization inform our mindsets and beliefs toward and strategy for social impact and entrepreneurial endeavors for change. Participants learn to distinguish between community-based and advocacy organizations, direct service programs, and social ventures.
Audience: Learners age 16-30
Format: In-Person, Virtual, & Hybrid 
4 modules


Intrapreneurship is a training series designed for young people interested in changing the ways existing companies do business by implementing corporate social responsibility and social business into an organizational context.  Students learn strategies to innovate, garner support, and lead teams to make change from within.
Audience: Learners age 16-30
Format: In Person, Virtual, & Hybrid 
4 modules

Entrepreneurship Exchanges

Exchange programs increase collaboration between students in the US and other communities (domestically and internationally) promoting entrepreneurship and innovation as vehicles for cultural understanding, youth development, and positive change. 
Participants engage in culturally relevant and responsive design challenges building skills essential for entrepreneurial activity and the future of work.
Young leaders are coached on leading with inclusivity, incorporating diverse perspectives, and overcoming real challenges experienced by today’s global teams (virtual collaboration, time zone constraints, etc).

Ecosystem Building Initiatives

To build programs that are self sustained by local stakeholders, 3DS partners with community colleges, centers for adult education, and workforce development centers to integrate entrepreneurship training, financial literacy, and applicable tools into existing training programs. 
In partnership, 3DS co-designs and supports the implementation of a customized entrepreneurship curriculum and experiential intensives for youth and young adults. 


A workshop series designed for educators, team leaders, and executives currently working to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in their teams, operationalize innovation processes, and foster belonging inside of entrepreneurial communities.

Customized Workshops and Trainings

For customized or co-curricular trainings to meet your organization’s needs, reach out directly.

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